Outline rocked V Festival Outline sounds the Siren Radio Italia scores at the Olimpico with Outline Click Here

Outline rocked V Festival

Robert Lawrence Event Production Resource brings Outline’s systems to V Festival, one of the biggest live music events in Europe - See Details

Outline sounds the Siren

Italian loudspeaker manufacturer’s systems at new high-profile festival - See Details

Radio Italia scores at the Olimpico with Outline

FM radio fields 72 Mantas enclosures for pre-match shows at AS Roma’s home ground - See Details


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Thank you for visiting our website. It contains a great deal of information about our company and the people, products, technical innovations and products that combine to make Outline unique among manufacturers of loudspeakers and associated technologies.
We very much hope that your visit to our ‘virtual world’ will be useful and enjoyable.

As a team we bring to professional audio the same legendary Italian passion and creativity that leads the world in many other

fields, including automotive design, cuisine, architecture, fashion and art, to mention just a few.
Since 1973 we have added leading-edge acoustic theory and modern manufacturing methods to that passion, in order to bring our clients products and systems that are consistent with our founder’s mantra of ‘Delivering the true audience experience’.

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